Sound bath

Where there is life, there is sound. Everything in our universe is a form of vibration.

A sound bath is a deeply immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite therapeutic and restorative effects to the mind and body.

Sound can help us disconnect, unplug, escape and find balance and harmony in the mind and body. 

In my sound bath I use different instruments, like the crystal singing bowls, koshi carillon, as well as my voice. The harmonic vibrations of the crystal singing bowls stimulate the alpha and theta brain wavers, so during a sound bath you will be able to access meditative states through the practice of deep listening, which will allow you to access improved focus, expansive creativity, and greater human connection.

These vibrations touches every part of the body. They affect us on psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual levels. 

As sound slows the heart and respiratory rate, it can also create a therapeutic and restorative effect on the mind and body. 

All you have to do in a sound bath is to lie down, have an open mind, relax and listen. When you are alive in your senses you can sink deeper into the present moment. 

Each sound experience will teach you more about yourself.


Step back from your daily life to step in again with more joy, inspiration, creativity, lightness and pleasure. An invitation to slow down and tune into your senses.

Because you deserve the best.

Choose the right experience for you

Private Sound Bath

A private sound experience only for yourself – in the comfort of your own home or in studio. A special treat for you and your loved ones.

In-Group Sound Bath

I organize regularly in-group sound bath in different beautiful locations, where you can join alone or with friends and completely relax your mind and body.

Cacao & Sound Ceremonies

I love to combine the healing power of ceremonial cacao together with sound to create transformative multi-sensory experiences, giving the participants one more way to explore their relationship with themselves, with other and with the world.


Every first Friday of the month in Shanti-Om,
starting 2 September, 7-8 pm

In this evening I will guide you through a multi-sensory experience that will lead you to deep relaxation. All you have to do is simply lie back and let the sound take you away.

Breathing exercises, essential oils and other sensory surprises will complete the experience.

Reserve your spot per email:
Energy exchange: 30€

“Sound baths help me to stay in the present moment, when thoughts arise I come back to the sound in the room and I can completely relax myself.




Dress comfortably. Usually mats and blankets are provided for you to lay on but feel free to bring a small blanket, eye pillow or anything else that will help you to feel more comfortable. If you need to bring your own mat I will tell you.


Most people report of a “good night’s sleep” after a Sound Bath which often extends into a calm, centered feeling the next day. A Sound Bath can help you access a reflective, self-healing state and invite calm into your daily life, and further promote healthy sleep.


It is not meditation as you may traditionally think of it, but the Sound Bath experience can be helpful for anyone who wants to access the benefits of meditation or a moment of relaxation. Instead of a meditative practice that requires you to sit up straight or have a point of focus or recite a complicated mantra or count your breaths, all you have to do during a Sound Bath is listen. Sound is ephemeral – this particular sound is only happening right NOW – and thus an awareness of each sound helps you connect to the present moment, and explore mindfulness. This experience can be beneficial for both beginners of meditation and experienced meditators. 


Children of all ages are welcome, and many have enjoyed the experience. For some children, being quiet and still for any length of time is difficult and movement, fidgeting or talking is disruptive to other participants. You know your child best.

Join this multi-sensory experience. Leave with a calm mind and an open heart.