About our cacao

The yin yang sisters’ cacao is wildcrafted Guatemalan pure ceremonial cacao.

The cacao is harvested from the region of Suchitepequez, Guatemala. It is an artisanal chocolate comprised of 100% pure organic cacao, without added sugar and is processed in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. 

Every step of the process involves the hands of local famers, women collectives and diverse communities that support biodiversity and sustainability

Your cacao bean has been harvested, fermented, dried, gently roasted to preserve its medicinal qualities, peeled by hand, ground and molded into a 1-pound block. It is packaged in a biodegradable airtight bag and is wrapped in our paper packaging.

Ceremonial Cacao

With your purchase, you are supporting a small local social business producing artisanal organic chocolate, organic farmers contributing to the biodiversity of Guatemalan land, Kakchiquel Mayan women collectives and two women passionate about the ritual of cacao, living life with an open heart, and bringing their energy and joy to their community.

Yin Yang Sisters Ceremonial Cacao

Energy exchange

– 44 EUR for the 450 g block for those in Nuremberg or Bolzano and 19 EUR for the little 105 g block (3-5 serving)

– Cacao can be shipped throughout Europe for the additional price of postage

– A limited time discount of 40 EUR per our big 450 g block and 17 EUR per our small 105 g block is available for purchase by attendees of our ceremonies, retreats and events

 – 50 EUR special ritual kit with 450g CACAO and FLORIDA WATER spray 

We graciously thank you for your love and support.

xo the yin yang sisters


Yin Yang Sisters

We are Arianna (Ari) and Lauren (Lulu) and together we are the Yin Yang Sisters! As individuals we are unique and come from different corners of this earth, but when we are together, we create magic and cannot stop laughing and smiling while doing so! That’s the power of our friendship and working together as a team. We are looking forward to treating you!