Matcha & Cacao


The power of rituals

Sacred rituals are the secret to living well in everyday life – a few minutes of meditation, a little space for ourselves, a mantra that we repeat when needed: small daily actions that have a big impact on our lives.
Daily life also consists of those moments of calm where we dedicate ourselves body and soul to a series of actions that are always the same but positive for us. A bit like removing our make-up and putting on lotion at the end of the day, when we are finally ready to jump into bed and enjoy some well-deserved sleep. Rituals are that too: small regular actions that become a habit but help us switch off from our heads, give our bodies pleasure and give us a few minutes of total well-being.

What if we added something more to our daily routine? Matcha & cacao are a great place to start!


Thanks a lot Arianna, it was a magic experience! I could feel the connection with nature and the cacao spirit!

— Elena

I had the opportunity to participate in the cacao and matcha ceremonies led by Arianna, beautiful moments of sharing and self-discovery. The beauty of every detail and the energy inspired by the ritual unfold the magic of an ordinary moment that becomes extraordinary, and it will be like that every time I repeat the ceremony at home.

— Claudia

This was just WOW! Thank you for the beautiful morning, the vibes and your knowledge. I’m looking forward to implement this matcha ritual into my daily life!

— Annika



Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.

With more than 300 chemical compounds, cacao, aka food of the god, is one of the most complex pleasurably satisfying foods on the planet. 

Cacao helps you to connect to your heart, allowing yourself to slow down, to just be, to enjoy the moment and letting the spirit of cacao guide you in our inner journey.

In the Cacao Ceremony you will taste a pure ceremonial cacao, learn the health and spiritual benefits of this plant and how to prepare it at home to transform it in a mindful and spiritual moment.


Cha-Do: The Way Of Tea. Traditionally in China and Japan, drinking a cup of tea was an opportunity for contemplation, meditation, and an elevation of mind and spirit. 

In the Matcha Ceremony you will tastean organic premium ceremonial matcha, learn the health and spiritual benefits of this plant and how to prepare it at home to transform it in a morning wellness rituals.

I will also guide you through a meditation and journaling practice.


You can book the matcha or cacao ceremony just for yourself or in group with your friends.

You can decide to have the ceremony at your place, online, or in nature.


Yin Yang Sisters Pure Ceremonial Cacao, from Guatemala with Love

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